Context of The Act of Tonnage and Poundage, and rates of merchandize : with the further subsidy, the 1/3 and 2/3 subsidies, the old impost, the additional impost, and all other duties relating to His Majesty's customs, payable upon any sort of merchandize imported or exported : digested into an easie method, whereby in one view may be found the several duties upon each particular commodity specified in the old book of rates, or any other act of Parliament, and the nett duties payable thereon at importation, or to be repaid on exportation : as also, the rules annext to the book of rates, and the table of officers fees, and a collection of such statutes and part of statutes, relating to His Majesty's customs, as passed since the Act of Tonnage and Poundage 12 Car. II. : likewise, an abridgment of several statutes now in force and use, which passed before the said act : and, several acts and parts of acts relating to the duties on salt, which were omitted in their proper places : as also, the ports of Great Britain, the lawful keys in the port of London, with the tables of scavage, package, balliage, packers-porters duties in the said port, and the usual tares and draughts : with abstracts of the duties on salt, the duties of excise, and inland duties, drawbacks of excise and salt and refined sugar : bounty on exportation of British made sail-cloth, British manufactures of silk, and British corn : and praemium on naval stores from the plantations or Scotland, and the duties on coal, culm, and cynders coastwise : to which is added by way of appendix, the several acts which passed the last session relating to the customs, with the additional book of rates of goods and merchandizes usually imported, and not particularly rated in the old book of rates : digested in the same method as the said old book of rates, with rules, orders, and regulations, signed by the Right Honourable Spencer Compton, Esq., Speaker of the Honourable House of Commons : the several duties payable upon rated drugs imported after 24 June, 1725 : and, a list of several goods not inserted alphabetically in the said book of rates, with directions where to find them : as also, a catalogue of the several acts, when granted, and how long to continue : together with an alphabetical index to the whole

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